SJ:!Stefan & Angelica
The wedding planner team helped us organise our Wedding Party and we are more than grateful for the service and dedicate offered to us. Every detail was seen to and to top it all, we did all of this within the budget. I recommend :) ! 
Justin & Marilyn

My fiancé and I decided to get married about a year ago. We tried plan and do everything ourselves, however, a week before our wedding day we realised that we were not going to manage to take care of everything ourselves even with the help of the Best Man. We remembered that once, we had met Josette Borg & James Cassar from My Wedding Planner. Although they were abroad when we called them, they made time to meet us the day when they came back and we discussed our ideas and plans. These two lovely people were very proficient in their work and managed all we had in mind. They coordinated the wedding mass, decorated the reception, took care of the suppliers and collected all our things after the wedding. They made sure we were enjoying our celebration while they took care that we stuck to our schedule. Very impressed and satisfied!! Thank you Josette & James :)
Dani & Marc

Firstly, we would like to say a massive thank you to both for all your help both before and during the wedding  - you were so helpful and we couldn't have pulled it off without you.

I'm a micro-planner and I found it really difficult to have all the ideas and then leave the set-up and co-ordination to somebody else - But everything turned out perfectly, and it looked even nicer than I could have imagined. Everything ran smoothly, without any hiccups and we were able to have fun and really relax on the day.  It wasn't an easy wedding to plan, and having somebody there to coordinate was invaluable - we can't thank you enough.