17 April 2017 / COMMENT(S)

When approached to plan a couple's wedding, My Wedding Planner always gives its primary focus to the couple. The couple is our customer, therefore both our services and packages revolve around their needs.


While My Wedding Planner offers all of you lovely couples some of the most affordable packages on the market, our services don't just stop here.


What many don't know is that we offer a whole lot of add-on services to the packages, in order to make sure all weddings go without any hitches. We know you are now curious as to what kind of services we offer and this blog post will tell you all about that!


Having a wedding in Malta with all your Maltese relatives brings efficient food distribution to the top of your priorities on your wedding day. My Wedding Planner can offer an extra planner on the day who can supervise the kitchen for you! Moreover, an extra planner is also recommended for weddings hosting 400 guests and over.


My Wedding Planner also offers to set-up and dismantle the decor within the venue, provide assistance to the bride while getting ready (during dress up, make-up, etc.), welcome foreign guests both at the airport, as well as at the hotel, provide gift hampers, plan Toastmaster/Emcee services and provide a Wedding Designer or Stylist.


Finally, My Wedding Planner also attempts to offer couples the opportunity to carry out a rehearsal of the civil or church ceremony. When it comes to a church ceremony, the possibility of a rehearsal depends totally on the approval of the church venue and the priest.


For more information do not hesitate to contact Josette on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on +35679791616.


10 January 2017 / COMMENT(S)

Believe it or not, marrying away from home used to be synonymous with the old-fashioned way of running away by boarding a train or a plane to marry without family authorisation. While destination weddings are looked upon in a complete different way, they are still a great way to ensure you have a wedding that is completely you! A destination wedding can involve just the couple; a select handful of family and friends; or enough friends to make a long week reunion. Here are 5 reasons to have a destination wedding:

1. You can say I do anywhere!

A destination wedding is defined as marrying at least 100miles away from the bride’s home. So imagine the options that one will have. The world really becomes your playground!

2. You can save on décor.

Having a destination wedding allows you to pick your perfect location which offers you the theme you’d prefer, from a fairy tale castle to a sea- inspired theme. When choosing your amazing backdrop, it won’t take you too much to dress it up. Opt for an unspoiled beach, a vineyard or a blooming garden, and you’ll be more than covered with some simple florals and other modest accents.

3. Enjoy quality time with the loved ones.

On average a standard wedding lasts for 5 hours and the bride and groom spend most of that time going round the place trying to say hello to every guest. A destination do span a minimum of 3 days, therefore you’ve finally got the chance to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest guests.

4. It’s a great excuse to limit the guest list.

Destination weddings require travel, a longer time commitment and hotel stays, which gives you the perfect excuse to cut down on an unmanageable number of invitees. You can always throw a post- wedding party when getting back home.

5. You can start the honeymoon early.

Arriving at your destination is sure to put you in a relaxed mood as the pre-wedding festivities begin. Quite a number of hotels offer automatic upgrades to the bride and groom on their wedding night, and you may be able to negotiate an extended mini-moon at a reduced rate after the guests have gone home.

By Sarah Cassar Dymond

28 March 2017 / COMMENT(S)

It wouldn't be the first time a bride asks someone she trusts and loves to be her bridesmaid and something happens that causes the bride and her chosen bridesmaid to drift apart. This is why you need to make sure the people you're asking to be part of your bridal party are there to stay. But how could you know this for sure? What do you need to ask yourself?


First you need to make sure you know why you want these people in your bridal party. While some options are obvious, especially when involving your sister or sisters-in-law, others might seem forced. You might believe that because you've known someone for a long time, or because they chose you to be part of their bridal party, you owe it to them to include them in your own wedding preparations. At the end of the day, this is YOUR wedding day and so it is YOUR choice as to whom will get the chance to accompany you on your special day.


Moreover, when including your friends as part of the bridal party, you need to analyse their character and how able they are to handle stress and let go when an argument occurs. If you know someone is hot headed, has a tendency of bailing on you, or does not have the slightest of clues as to how to compromise, then you might want to opt out of choosing them to be part of your bridal party. On top of this, if you can tell someone won't be in your life for the long haul, then do you really want them to be in all the preparations, photos and videos of your special day? But then again, many times it is hard to predict the future.


Another thing you need to make sure of is this: do you think all the members of the bridal party can get along together? If you know two or more of the members don't agree on anything and just love to pick at each other, then it might be an option to opt out of having both of them in the group. Additionally, do take note on the groom's wishes and make sure the members of the bridal party get along with him well enough.


Finally, make sure that the people you choose will be willing to contribute to the planning and can help you out when you get stuck. If you know someone won't manage to be a helping hand, you might want to look elsewhere.


By Nicole Borg

13 March 2017 / COMMENT(S)


When getting hitched there are many rules you are allowed to bend, break or completely oppose, however some are there to be strictly followed no matter what. Take a look at what we think are the top rules that should not be broken!


1.     The invitation stage

Do not invite people to your hens and bachelors parties if you are not planning on inviting them to your wedding. Make sure not to send invites via a text or facebook message, everyone likes to receive a nice and traditional wedding invitation. If you know it, make sure to add in the name of your guests’ plus one - they will feel more included with such a small gesture.


2. The Marriage license

In reality, to get married in Malta there are a number of legalities that require to be covered. Around three months prior to the wedding, the couple must have sorted all Church Wedding and Civil Banns. With a church wedding we strongly recommend that the couple gets guidance from the priest the second that the church and the priest are booked for the wedding. In case of a Civil Wedding, the wedding Banns need to be registered with the Public Registry, more guidance on this can be found by clicking here.


3. Ta Cana

If you opted to get married in a church, the Cana courses are a must and all couples need to sit through them.  For further guidance on the Cana course you can take a look at the Cana Movement website. If a member of the couple is of a foreign nationality and would like to get married in a church it is also advised to speak to the Emigrants Commission, further guidance can be found by clicking here.


4. Make time for Thank Yous 

Make sure to send out a thank you card/message to all guests giving you wedding gifts. 


5. Feed your vendors

All the people helping you in making your wedding day one to remember have invested a whole lot of time and energy in its preparation. Make sure that you coordinate with your caterers to supply vendors with some food to energise them for the remainder of the day.


By Nicole Borg