05 January 2017 / COMMENT(S)

Many people have this misconception that the groom does close to nothing in preparation for the wedding. In fact many sport the phrase: ‘Your one and only job is to show up on time’. However, let me tell you one thing. This is far from true.

Soon going into a life full of moments of compromise and finding middle ways, the wedding preparations can serve also as a test for both bride and groom to see how prone they are to compromising their needs to find something that is attractive for both.

While modern life has changed a lot the inclusion of the groom in the wedding preparations, traditionally, he had set tasks which he was expected to carry out by himself. Nowadays, while still quite rare, we hear of stories where the bride proposes to the groom. However, traditionally it was always the groom’s task to select the engagement ring and propose.

The groom is also responsible of choosing his wedding party, especially the best man, groomsmen and also ushers when needed. Moreover, he gets to choose his attire for the wedding, making sure to keep well within the wedding’s theme.

The groom is also responsible for part of the guest list, thus making sure all his loved ones are invited for his special day. Moreover, being present in planning the honeymoon is also a great asset. Previously the destination for the honeymoon was the sole decision of the groom, nowadays, it’s a case of team work.

What’s a wedding without some musical entertainment? Whether you love bands or you want a DJ to mix some beats for your wedding, the decision needs to be done together with the groom.

A tradition that keeps on persisting in weddings in Malta is that the groom needs to dance with his mother, as well as mother-in-law soon after the first dance with the bride. A sweet tradition that shows families united together, welcoming their new son into the family.

By Nicole Borg

16 December 2016 / COMMENT(S)

So after showcasing to your bridal party the barricade of dresses you have tried on from every bridal shop in Malta, you are finally down to two dress. Whilst in the beginning you were terrified that you wouldn’t be able to find ‘the one’ dress which was made for you, you actually ended up finding two! Wow! So how do you choose which one to take? After giving your bridal party as well as mum (do yourself a favour and allow your mum to voice her opinion) it is now up to you to choose.

As much as you should value the opinion of your loved ones, don’t forget that at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to wear the dress. Whilst you still should give everyone’s opinion a listen, do not allow yourself to submit to peer pressure. Go to the bridal boutique(s) and try both dresses on by yourself, one last time. Following, give yourself the chance to make your own decision.

If it’s still proving to be difficult take a few photos of yourself in both dresses and put them next to each other. In which dress do you see the biggest smile on your face? Also try not to forget your style. Avoid choosing a dress because it looks good on someone else, but make sure it’s going to show everyone the lovely person you truly are.

Whilst it is your choice of a dream dress, don’t forget your significant other. Thinking about which one he’s love to see you wearing on your wedding day could help you make a choice more easily. If you believe that it will make his jaw drop or his eyes well up with happy tears, then that is the one. Besides, by now you know his preferences inside out!

Finally make sure to give some thought to the full image of your wedding. With your set theme, and decorations as well as choice of food, which style fits best? A ballgown would most certainly not be a great match for a beach wedding! Moreover imaging what accessories you always wanted, do they go with the dresses? Will it match with the bridal party’s dresses?

Best of luck - may you choose the dress of your dreams!

By Nicole Borg


27 December 2016 / COMMENT(S)

So you have scoured Malta and Gozo in hopes of finding the perfect dress and now you’re quite positive you’ve found the one. However, you might want to make sure to consider some other factors that might lead you to change your mind. Here are a few of them!

1. Having to wear the dress for quite a while, you need to realise that eventually you might need to use the loo. Will you be able to easily satisfy this simple call of nature with your choice?
2. Does it have any buttons? If so, make sure that when you sit down you can do so comfortably. We don’t need to be stressing ourselves about buttons popping out during that glorious wedding day - am I right?
3. Oh - you went for a strapless dress? Can you comfortable move around without fearing that your boobs might pop out of that dress at one point or another?
4. With the bridal car being a vital aspect to your wedding you need to make sure your dress is comfortable enough to let you get into the car without tearing it apart or getting stuck between the door and the seat.
5. Will you be able to find the appropriate underwear to complement your choice of dress? and for goodness sakes, make sure that it’s not visible at any point throughout the wedding.

Don’t be afraid to take your time to choose your dress and evaluating all of the above. There’s no rush, especially if you have started dress shopping early on in the planning process. At the end of the day, you should enjoy your wedding day as much as possible - it is the best day of your life after all!

By Nicole Borg

12 December 2016 / COMMENT(S)

The tradition of acquiring ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ is a superficial element in the preparation of a wedding that many still follow today. The tradition goes that the finding and using of all such items before the wedding day will grant good luck for the bride on her wedding day as well as fertility in the long run. However, nowadays it has become more of a ritual people add to their attire for their special day. Yes, even in Malta!

So what can you get  in order to make sure you have all 4 requirements?

Something old could be a vintage accessory, maybe something from your grand parents or a family token that has been passed from generation to generation. Some brides actually take this a step further and rather than buying or hiring a wedding dress, they wear their mother’s dress, veil or tiara.

After the old, comes the new. Generally this item tends to be a gift from the groom or also a family present for the bride. Of course this could also fit in one’s wedding budget! No need to go for the most expensive pearl or diamond necklace, a simple hankie could do the trick.

Admittedly the something borrowed part is quite fun as this can be literally anything from a hair pin to earrings to shoes - the list is never ending.

Finally comes the something blue. No matter what colour scheme your wedding will include, blue is one colour that you can bring in without impacting the colour scheme negatively. Many add blue to the lining of their wedding dress, others just use blue ribbons around their bouquets.

By Nicole Borg