17 October 2016 / COMMENT(S)

It is every girl’s dream to be wed in a castle – just like in a fairytale out of a Disney movie or animation. In Malta, this is a possibility since the country boasts a variety of ancient castles where one could easily tie the not, fairytale style.
One could not go without mentioning the beautiful castles from 19th Century, like Castello Zammitello, that are rumoured to have been inspired by the Tower of London with its magnificent landscapes and countryside view as well as a picturesque garden. With an airy and spacious interior guests will have plenty of room were to mingle and also dance on the couple’s special day.
Such a location is ideal for every season, in summer, the newly weds can enjoy their wedding in the gardens for fresh air, whilst in winter the interior will be the cosiest of settings definitely set for a romantic evening that you’ll remember and cherish for the rest of your lives.
By Kristina Saliba

26 November 2016 / COMMENT(S)

Every wedding is different and every couple has varying ideals of what their special day should look like. Due to this, one leading factor would be assigning a dress code to your guests. In this way you are helping them to help you in making your dream a reality, as your guests will now dress according to the theme of your wedding.

Due to the fact that the current dress codes are based on ideals of previous eras, even in Malta, many are still opting out of providing this guidance. Couples seem to have become more relaxed in terms of what their guests wear and altering the dress code to your style is considered a-okay!

So what are the different types of dress codes and what do they mean?

Cocktail wedding

Such a dress code is mostly adequate for semi-formal weddings. Cocktail clothing for women has changed through time. Whilst previously it was strictly knee-length dresses, nowadays the style has become more lenient in length. Men on the other hand are required to wear a suit that’s either navy blue or charcoal grey, a white or light coloured shirt and a tie - some even like to add in a pocket square.

Smart casual wedding

This attire is perfect for any informal wedding. Guests here are asked to dress up smart but they do not need to worry about wearing the dressiest of clothing. Women can wear blazers, shirts, sundresses, trousers or skirts. All these options can be enhanced by adding on some accessories, as well as nicely patterned jackets. Men usually tend to go for trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. Optionally they might decide to add a jacket and tie, but in this case it’s absolutely not necessary. With regards to shoes, please do not wear runners. Instead opt for brogues or boat shoes.

Lounge suit wedding

Another option for a semi-formal wedding, especially if it’s a day wedding, is the lounge suit attire. This type of dress code is more directed towards males and it basically indicated that men should wear a classic suit that includes a waistcoat, smart shirt and tie. Women here are simply asked to wear a dress that is suitable for a day wedding.

Formal wedding

In this case, women are asked to wear a floor-length formal dress, typically many opt for a chiffon dress. Man are asked to wear a tuxedo.

Of course, at the end of the day, you are not required to offer a dress code. This is simply an option if you have a specific idea of what your wedding should look like. Ultimately, it will still be up to your guests to choose whether to stick to the dress code or not.

By Nicole Borg

05 December 2016 / COMMENT(S)

Every wedding requires months on end of planning which might leave the bride and groom failing to enjoy their special day. In order to make sure the couple has a stress-free ride towards their happily every after, a wedding planner is an integral part to consider for your wedding preparations.

When hiring a professional company that provides wedding planning services, the couple can get some peace of mind that they’re not only getting a professional service but had any emergencies to arise, the planner has a company backing them up. The company has a database full of excellent hospitality companies covering catering and events as well as inbound and outbound travel. Any professional wedding planner will know how emotional such an event is for the couple and can ensure that the couple is kept emotionally grounded all throughout the planning process leading up to their wedding day.

First thing the couple needs to let their wedding planner know is their budget. This will allow the planner to fit in the best options that are within budget as well as according to the taste of the couple. After studying the tastes of the couple, the planner presents a proposal with a few options that the bride and groom can mix and match from. Following this, the planner goes on to seal the bookings whilst the couple goes on with their life as normal. By hiring a wedding planner and working with them in such an efficient manner, a wedding could be planned in as short a time as 3 months.

The planner has to learn all about the couple during the few months of work leading to the wedding. In this way, they become almost like family or very close friends all the while maintaining a professional approach during the planning process. Chemistry between the couple and the planner is crucial.

It is important to note that the planner is not there to make the decisions. While they cannot badmouth a supplier, they are simply there to provide options for the couple and then carry out the necessary logistics according to their preferences.


By Nicole Borg

20 November 2016 / COMMENT(S)

When comparing Maltese weddings to those abroad, it is becoming more and more easy to see the spectacular celebrations these islands allow. However, to organise a wedding fantastically you need the make sure that you have a set budget in mind which you will work around to the best potential.

Due to this, reality eventually has to kick in: organising a wedding is expensive. In order to have a comfortable (not luxurious) wedding, to cover the cost of 100 guests from all facets one needs to have a budget of at least €10,000. The longer the guest list, the more expensive it gets. If you want to go for complete luxury, then for just 100 guests the price will go up to that of €30,000. Despite this being quite a large budget, at times planners still find it a difficulty to fulfill all of the couple’s wishes.

When working with a wedding planner, in fact, one of the first questions asked is actually what kind of budget they will be working with. Due to living in a country set by presuppositions on what a wedding should be like, many brides and grooms grow up with a thunderous amount of ideas and expectations for their special day, which unless they have an open ended budget for, they might not be able to fulfill. Through the setting of a budget, the wedding planner will be able to guide the couple better in terms of their financial reality and thus leading them to make the right choices that won’t break the bank.

As soon as there is a proposal for marriage, the couple then needs to start planning their wedding and the budget will determine all the remaining factors from now on. Whether it’s choosing a wedding theme, venue and even whom to invite, the bride and groom need to be strict with themselves but also make sure that they are making their own decisions and are not being pushed towards something that they will eventually grow to regret.

By Nicole Borg