17 October 2016 / COMMENT(S)

Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life as this will determine the choice of spending the rest of their lives with just one person, or many would say their better half. There are many ways that this can be done, one of the options is civil wedding.
These ceremonies can be done either at the registry’s office in Valletta or any other place or venue around the islands. The first important step is to contact the Registry’s Office for an appointment. For the appointment, the couple first has to show all relevant documentation, together with those of the witnesses. Following, the couple has to choose if they are tying the knot at the office or somewhere else. The list of banns than will be published between 3 months to 6 weeks before the wedding.
In order to help you out a little we’re providing you with the Registry’s Office contact
details below:
Address: The Marriage Registry
1st Floor, Evans Building
Merchants Street
Valletta VLT 2000
Tel: +356 259042126
by Kristina Saliba

05 November 2016 / COMMENT(S)

Growing up, many of us have been exposed to a whole lot of colourful and magical Disney movies which end with a joyous fairytale wedding. Many of us also wanted that fairytale to be transformed into a beautiful reality, and rest assured, that by having your wedding in Malta this dream of yours will most definitely come true.

Without a doubt, many royal weddings have set very high standards on what a fairytale wedding should consist of, however there are many ways in which one could have a royal wedding without a royal budget.

One of the key factors contributing to fairytale weddings is setting it in a castle, and trust me, Malta has plenty of these gems on the island. Many of which are able to host wedding ceremonies in their stunning courtyards and halls.

It wouldn’t be a fairytale wedding without the bride wearing a gorgeous ballgown! With the lovely heart-shaped strapless dresses, and the voluminous and many a times glittery dresses, you will surely look like a Disney princess in the making. Adding to the dress, a tiara would be the next go to item, holding a lovely laced veil to your beautifully up-styled hair.

Moreover, in order to feel as if you’re Cinderella moving towards her happy ending, instead of hiring a normal car, the soon to be newly weds could opt for a horse-driven carriage. Don’t worry, the carriages for hire in Malta will not turn into pumpkins when  the clock strikes midnight!

One final addition to your fairytale wedding would be the cake. A classic and white tier cake with lovely icing flowers encircling it and the bride and groom figures standing on top will surely add just the right amount of sweetness to your happy ending!

By Nicole Borg

09 November 2016 / COMMENT(S)

So you’re now engaged and eagerly waiting to get hitched? The next big step in your life requires a lot of planning, so prepare to roll up your sleeves and put your compromising skills to test. You’ll find it handy for a successful married life. If you’d like to plan your wedding by yourselves, you might want to keep reading this one!

Around 1.5 to 2 years before the wedding, create your own wedding binder. This will become your wedding idea holder as you stick into it anything you see yourself including in your celebrations. At this stage, you also need to set yourself a budget. With this budget, you can decide what kind of party you’d like to organise and the most important people you’d like to be there. It would also be wise to set a date and book the venue, catering and the church, if making use of one. This especially if your wedding is in peak season! If you’re getting married in a church in Malta and you’re Maltese, make sure to apply for the Cana course during this period.

Around a year before the wedding make sure to prepare your family and friends who will be part of the bridal or groom's party. Make sure that your start looking for bridal wear, wedding attire, flower, cars, photographer and videographer as well as band, especially if you specifically want one professional over another or have a very strict budget to abide by.

6 months before the wedding make sure that you choose and buy your invitations, as well as start making honeymoon plans. Meet with the priest or officiant taking care of your wedding. Also make sure to get the bridesmaids’ dresses, and make plans for the groom to also find a suit. Book any extra chairs and lighting systems if needed, as well as a florist. Maybe also create a draft timetable for the day.

4 months before to select and order the cake. Provide your best man and maid of honour with your guest list so they know whom to invite to the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Make sure you start dress fittings in case of any alterations needed. Moreover, you need to schedule any hair and make-up artists from now, as well as choose the music for your wedding ceremony. If you're planning a destination wedding, then make sure to send out invitations to your guests so that they have time to book the flights. It may be wise to hire a wedding planner for a destination wedding, this will allow the couple more time to actually enjoy planning the little things, whilst the planner takes care of all the rest!

3 months prior finalise the menu and the flowers. Order any souvenirs or choose a charity to donate souvenir money to. Make sure to purchase any undergarments necessary. Finalise running order for the ceremony and the reception. Also by now you should purchase the rings!

2 months before the wedding, start by contacting all vendors again to make sure all’s well with your bookings. Meet up with the photographer and videographer for any pre-wedding shooting. It it's a civil wedding relevant paperwork needs to be ready by now. Same applies for the civil papers for a church wedding! Go through the playlist with the entertainers. Finally, enjoy your bachelor/bachelorette party!

1 month before the wedding make sure that all invitations have been sent, and no one important has been missed.  Also, organise your last fitting. Start sending out final payments and also double check times for hair, make-up and vendors. Make sure to assign seating positions if necessary, as well as write vows if its a civil wedding.

Finally - your wedding week is here! Make sure to iron out final details by reconfirming timings with vendors and delegate, delegate, delegate! Go pick your dress and suit up, and brides make sure to break in your wedding shoes. Also, pack for your honeymoon before, so that you won’t need to be worrying about that during your special day!

Despite all this, all those who want to avoid all stresses that wedding planning could bring and enjoy the journey as it goes may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners are able to put together a fabulous wedding in about 2 to 3 months!

By Nicole Borg

29 October 2016 / COMMENT(S)

One rising trend is that of setting a theme to your wedding. The location of the wedding and timing are two fundamental details that will determine the choice of your wedding theme, so make sure you choose the best setting for your taste. One of the most exhaustively used tactics to choose a theme is that of establishing one colour to be used to accentuate and put together the different wedding elements, including invites, wedding dresses, ties, flowers and decorations. But why stop at that? Below are our top three wedding themes!

The Vintage Wedding

In this hipster generation, one of the most popular wedding themes is vintage. Starting from lacy backless wedding dresses, head pieces, hand written calligraphy on invites, a lot (and yes I mean a lot) of roses, crystal glasses and chandeliers and many many bows, this wedding theme is set to take you and your guests back to the good old fifties.

The Rustic Wedding

If you don’t want to have a wedding theme that is mainstream then you might want to check out this one! Rustic weddings are all for different - starting from water colour invites tied with some lovely yarn string and brown paper envelopes, wooden chandeliers with hanging bulbs, white flowers accompanied by many evergreen leaves, and stunning strapless wedding dresses that look like they’re coming out of a Hollywood movie. And don’t get me started on the variety of wood textured wedding cakes and sweet decorations that look so beautiful they’ll make you want to gobble them up before any of your guests arrive!

All the pastels!

Pastels have very much been in vogue for the last couple of years, including in weddings. Starting from the choice of colour for flowers, mason jars or vases, chairs, cake decorations, the grooms tie and flower and accented wedding gowns secure you a very eye pleasing and relaxing wedding. Some of our favourite pastel colours include lavender, mint, powder blue, baby pink and light yellow.
By Nicole Borg