23 October 2016 / COMMENT(S)

Something many girls dream about is the day they come to start going around shops for their wedding dress. Being swamped with hundreds of styles and makes of dresses, a bride needs to make sure to weigh out all options as well as conditions that the timing and place of the wedding will put on the wedding dress choices.  If you are going to have a beach wedding, then ballgowns are a no go. Whilst if you are getting married in a church,  you might want to lay low on shorter or more revealing dresses.

In order to help you get started, here are a few pointers that you might want to read before your dream dress hunt starts.

The first thing you should do is set yourself a budget, which will also be the first thing you tell the salesperson before they start bringing out their most expensive dresses. In this way you will not fall head over heals for a  dress that you simply do not afford.

Moreover do not forget to set aside some money for accessories, under  garments, alterations, and shipping (if you’re buying from abroad).

Needless to say, don’t stay lingering till the last moment to get a dress. Whilst tailoring a dress takes months, finding the perfect dress from bridal wear shops might take just as long, if not longer. And to save yourself some valuable time, see which shops actually cater for your likings and which ones are approximately in your budget. Make some calls before visiting and make sure that if a shop requires a booking you make one as early as possible.

Do keep an open mind. Whilst some dresses might appear bland on a hanger, they could look dazzling the second you put it on. If you don’t trust the judgement of the sales person, make sure to take your bridesmaids, mother or mother-in-law with you. As long as it’s not the groom - keep that element of surprise there! Don’t worry, the second you’re wearing the right dress you’ll see it on everyone’s faces and the very possible tears of joy.

By Nicole Borg

13 October 2016 / COMMENT(S)



The more time goes by and the more the summer heat gets underneath our skins, the more the Maltese population slowly slowly becomes attracted to winter weddings. Being blessed with a location on the map were snow is not an issue, one can rest assured that no road will be closed due to being blocked by snow (then there’s rain yes, but unless you’re planning to organise a wedding in the middle of the Msida roundabout, you’re good to go).
One thing that might prove to be a challenge is planning the wedding photoshoot. With a winter full of shorter days you know you need to take those photos as early as possible during the day, and maybe just maybe consider a morning wedding rather than an evening one.
Something to consider when choosing a venue for a winter wedding is the ideal type of setting. When getting hitched in winter, it is not going to be an easy task to find a place that has blooming flowers everywhere. You might want to consider indoor spaces, securing yourself that had a rainy day to occur you and your guests will be sheltered under a roof. Such venues could be one of Malta’s many palazzos, wedding halls and even barns that can provide heating for a cold winters’ day.
Although many might see planning a winter wedding as limiting, you or your wedding planner will be helped tremendously with the limited choices to choose from, reducing yourselves the burden of having long nights of extreme planning and indecisiveness when it comes to wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower choices and wedding themes.Additionally, a winter wedding will be a breath of fresh air for all those working on a tight budget since during this season, venues, caterers and a multitude of other suppliers offer great discounts, some even up to 50% off the final bill!
Whilst there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will be granted a sunny wedding day, one of the best things about a winter wedding is that it will not get lost amongst the hundreds of summer weddings that are going on. It is less likely that it will clash with another wedding and that your guests would be on holiday. Suppliers, make up artists, and venues would be an easier task to handle and you will find most of them available on your special day.
Whilst it might not be a white wedding in Malta, it can definitely live up to the expectations of the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams.
By Nicole Borg

17 October 2016 / COMMENT(S)

One of the biggest headaches when coming to organise your special day is that of deciding between having a big wedding or a small one. When opting for a big wedding you instantly eliminate the stresses that choosing a guest list brings with it, something that for smaller weddings can prove to be a nightmare. Uninvited friends and relatives could feel excluded or offended and therefore the couple needs to make sure that they are willing to explain to these people the reasoning behind the choice of guests.

However, the ‘the more the merrier’ approach might prove to be highly expensive especially when a planner is not involved in helping with the organisation side of the wedding. Both catering, as well as renting a large venue could be costly when you don’t know all the options to choose from. With a small wedding and a shorter guest list it is easier and cheaper to have a wedding that won’t break your bank account.

The idea of a big wedding will bring with it more gifts, unlike smaller weddings. Whether they are bare necessities for the household or a nice cash gift, every newly wed couple will appreciate the smallest of contributions. However, the low cost and reductions in planning a smaller wedding will leave the couple able to take a breather and walk down the isle and later greeting guests, with no worries on their minds making the whole wedding even more intimate and exclusive. Yes, you would be taking away the ‘party’ feel that a good-old large wedding boasts, but you will nonetheless be spending the best day of your life with the most important people by your side.

At the end of the day both options can and will make up a beautiful wedding; one that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

By Nicole Borg

12 September 2016 / COMMENT(S)

Getting married is one of the most important steps a couple has to go through to share the rest of their lives together and building a family. However, there are many things that the newly engaged couple has to think about, with the most important question being: when?

Couples usually opt to marry during the summer season but the peak season weddings have some consequences. Saying “I do” during off peak season, therefore January, February excluding Valentine’s Day, March, November and beginning of December, means that venues are cheaper, saving the couple some extra money which can be spent on other things for the wedding, or simply use it for the honeymoon.

Another positive gain for the couple is that they are spoilt for choice since there will be more availability for halls, bands, catering services - really - the list is endless.

Furthermore, your guest list will be less likely to be invited to another wedding on the same day. Nothing guarantees a fun and happy wedding then having a guest list that’s not drowning in wedding invites and that is looking forward to celebrating your special day with you!

By Kristina Saliba