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Every bride has some form of bridal party, whether it’s made up of herself and the maid of honour or a whole group of 6 or more bridesmaids. As a token of appreciation for accompanying you fully during your wedding preparations and celebrations, a bridal party gift is one of the most logical ways through which you can award your chosen ones.

 After having stood by your side, helped you rummage through wedding magazines, come to terms with the dress you want to buy and finding the right decor for the wedding venue, now it’s your turn to show them just how much you appreciate their work by giving them a small token of appreciation. But what exactly can you give them that’s well within your budget and shows just how much you appreciate them in your life?

 Knowing just how difficult it can get, we are providing you with our top 5 gift ideas for your bridal party!


1. Embroidered Heirloom Handkerchiefs

 Your bridesmaids might shed a few happy tears for you during your wedding day. What better gift to give them than a sweet little handkerchief all embroidered with flowers? Moreover, such handkerchiefs are generally handmade and therefore easier to personalise and make them even more special.


2. Personalised Bath Robe

 Knowing that you have a full day of preparations on the wedding day, you want to make sure that your bridal party is feeling as comfortable as possible between hair and make up and all that glamour. Giving them a personalised waffle knit bathrobe to secure extra comfort during what can be a stressful day might just do the trick.


3. Scented Candles

 Let’s face it, scented candles are very much in vogue right now and people just love them. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes and most importantly scents. With the bridal party being made up of some of your best of friends and family members, you can easily identify what they love most and personalise the choice of candle scent in that way.


4. Spa Day

 Knowing how stressful wedding planning can become, organising a spa day with your bridal team might be one of the best gift ideas one could come up with. Whether a small session of just two hours of massages and mani pedis or a full day of luxury relaxation, your bridesmaids will most definitely love this one.


5. Bridesmaid Themed Accessories

 Just a little search online or rummaging through local accessory stores you can find loads of accessories which are bridal party themed and come with a message saying ‘thank you for being my bridesmaid!’


By Nicole Borg

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Deciding on the entertainment you are going to provide your guests (and yourselves) with during your wedding is very much reliant on the theme and the venue of the wedding itself. You need to consider logistics and see if the ten piece band you were initially thinking of hiring fits on the tiny stage provided at the venue of your choice.

Apart from space, even the style of the wedding can pretty much determine the type of entertainment you provide. For instance if you are going to have an intimate lunch at a fancy restaurant, then you wouldn’t attempt to hire a full blown band with acoustic drums. Rather you would tend to go for an acoustic duo or trio which generally consist of vocals, piano or guitar and percussion.

One of the things you need to make sure of when booking a venue which will host some form of wedding entertainment is that of checking if there are any noise restrictions. This generally happens when the venue booked is within a hotel. In this way, the hotel secures that the people currently staying there have a pleasant stay which is not disrupted by loud music during the late hours of the night. Moreover, checking the exact time you need to turn down the loudness of your music or switch it off completely is a must. This depends very much on the location of the venue, especially if it is found in the middle of a village with houses surrounding it.

Truth of the matter is, Malta boasts a large number of different musicians, bands, choirs and djs that can make your special day even more special. Therefore, if you’re thinking about organising your wedding in Malta, rest assured you will find the right entertainment of your choice!

By Nicole Borg

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Following a whole lot of wedding planning, the honeymoon is your earned reward as a romantic getaway with your new husband or wife. However, the honeymoon does not come without a little planning of its own and it is highly important not to leave it for the very last minute to avoid disappointment. 


Approximately six months ahead make sure to set a budget for your honeymoon and soon following start discussing possible honeymoon destinations with your fiancé. This will lead you to start researching the possibilities and see which ones actually fit your budget. If youre going to opt for help from a travel agent, now is also the time to do so. Start looking at hotels or residences and make sure they have rooms available for the length of your trip. Book flights and check luggage allowances. Think about what transportation methods youre going to use and if youre opting to rent a car, do so now. Make sure to check if your destination requires any vaccinations. 


Around three months ahead make sure to get your passports or visas if they are expired or dont have one yet and sign up for travel insurance just in case you require making use of a hospital abroad. 


Two months ahead see if you should get your hands on a camera and make sure you have a luggage for your travels. Look at the tours youd like to go to and book them. Start looking at the attractions youd like to visit and get tickets for those. 


Following and around a month ahead of your honeymoon, start making a list of items you need to pack or buy for your holiday. Also double check that you have booked everything you are intending to visit during your trip. 


During the last few weeks make sure you have photocopies of passports, ID cards, insurance etc, just in case of an emergency. Also make sure that if you take any medications you have enough left to last you for the whole trip. Make sure to reconfirm flights and make arrangements for transport to and from the airport. Also see that your luggage is properly labelled! 


and voila, your trip is now planned and youre ready to go! 


By Nicole Borg


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Coming from a rich historical background and an ever growing and homey culture, Malta and Gozo boast a large number of historical venues as well as quirky streets, stunning views and marvellous country side. Below find our top five locations for your upcoming wedding photoshoot that will leave you with some jaw dropping photos to cherish for years to come. 


  1. 1. Popeyes Village, Malta 

If youre planning a rustic wedding, this sweet village based on classic childhood cartoon Popeye the Sailor Man is exactly what youre looking for. The colourful wooden buildings sitting right next to the lovely Anchor Beach are just the start of the beauty this setting can add to your photoshoot. 


2. Blue Lagoon, Kemmuna 


If you love the sea, then Maltas Blue Lagoon is one destination you dont want to miss. Located at the tiny island of Kemmuna, the crystal blue sea is a view to die for. 


3. Ghasri Valley, Gozo 


Gozo holds a large number of gems but one which we hold very close to heart is the Ghasri Valley. The lovely sky blue gorge goes along 250 metres of land before it reaches the open sea. Lets face it, such a backdrop to your wedding photo will make everyones jaw drop. 


4. CitadellaGozo 


The ancient capital city of Gozo is full of history and beauty. The second you step foot inside the fortress that used to guard the island so magnificently in the past, you will immediately feel like youre part of the islands’ history and heritage. Take photos with the church, old law court, the fortress’ green pathways and characteristic stone walls, as you soak in the beauty of the hills and greenery that make up much of Gozos land beneath you. 


5. Marsaxlokk, Malta 


Known as the fishing village, Marsaxlokk is not only famous for its Sunday fish market, but it is also a beautiful place to use as a location for your wedding photoshoot. The village that is wonderfully located right next to the sea will give you the opportunity to use one of Maltas traditional boats - the Luzzu in your photos. Moreover, the village boasts quirky streets with colourful doors and stunning countryside views.