The islands of Malta and Gozo are considered to be the ideal wedding destination. The Maltese islands are rated as a highly safe destination, and are positioned in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The Maltese Islands boast great weather throughout the year, allowing couples to celebrate their weddings outdoors or close to the sea even during off-Summer months.

Malta is a host to both civil and religious weddings. The legal wedding formalities are relatively easy to deal with and can be done in advanced. In the case of religious weddings, Malta is home to over 365 Roman Catholic churches, most of which are full of work of arts and are of historical value. This does not limit any other religions in any way, as other places of worship are also easy to find. In the case of civil weddings, Malta offers all sorts of indoor and outdoor venues. With its hundreds of years of history, Malta also offers innovative venues for the special day including castles, grand palazzos, large villas with large private outdoor grounds, and traditional large country-houses. Other innovative venues include secluded creeks and rocky or sandy beaches that make great Mediterranean back-drops to the perfect wedding day. Other more conventional wedding venues such as luxury hotels and wedding halls are also widely available. Malta is a dream destination to get married in.