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As one of the more picturesque destinations in Europe, Malta is lauded as a great place to get married for plenty of reasons. As is our passion and expertise, it would be our great pleasure to assist you in getting married in Malta, saving you all the potential headaches that come with planning your big day!

How we'll help

First, you'll want to be aware of the legal requirements associated with getting married in Malta. We can provide you with guidance regarding the public registry and all the documentation you'll need to make this happen. Both civil and religious ceremonies are legally binding in Malta, and civil ceremonies take place in the Marriage Registry or at authorised venues that have approval from the Registry Office.

It's also worth noting that same-sex civil unions are legal in Malta and the island retains its top ranking on the IGLA-Europe Rainbow. Add in the fact that Malta's hosting EuroPride 2023, and next year might be your year for getting married here!

Preparing for the wedding is relatively simple, all of which can be done at least six weeks before the wedding day itself. Our approach leaves you stress-free in the weeks leading up to and on the day. Of course, we'll keep you posted on any changes. Still, by and large, we've got the experience and know-how to solve pretty much any wedding-related issue that may arise.


Why choose us?

After 10 years in the industry, it's in our nature to coordinate everything from the day the wedding planning starts to the day it finally takes place, ensuring everything goes to plan. The suppliers and vendors we work with, we trust implicitly, knowing that they share our same values of hard work and delivering on their promises. That relationship means they'll do their best when producing the materials for the wedding.

Our plethora of venues and décor options mean that we'll be able to deliver the wedding of your dreams, no matter what shape it takes. Malta's got so much to offer, with 365 churches dotted around the island, a rich heritage, sea-side views and scenery worthy of a silver screen romance: yours.


Get in touch!

Want to know more? Drop us an e-mail or give us a call, and we'll be happy to see how to turn your dream wedding into a stunning reality.



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Meeting Emma & Liam


This was the beginning of a fantastic journey; when Emma answered yes to Liam’s nervous question, and expectancy hung sharp in the air. The answer was as obvious as their love, no less, and so their adventure begun.


I’d be lying if I’d have said that this preparatory journey would be easy.

The solution to their questions however lied within Josette, our Wedding Planner’s answers, thankfully. And so the couple set a date for their first meeting with their chosen one, Josette.

I sat down together with Josette waiting for the couple to arrive, so that as a team we could bond with the pair, as well as to sit and discuss their expectations of their wedding. I, as the author of this blog, am not involved with the planning of weddings, but shall be over the course of the next year and a half discussing with you as future brides, grooms, and bridal party members, the ins and outs of wedding planning down to the very last detail of preparation for all those involved. This blog shall thus provide you with first-hand experience of what wedding planning is like, the step-by-step processes one must go through in planning a wedding, as well as discussing emotions, coping strategies, as well as providing you with advice, help, and tips from bridal party members who have been our clients and friends, along the way. Getting married, is not an easy task, but I assure you that I am here to help.

And so we saw our enamoured young couple waltz into the coffee shop, sit down, and happily introduce themselves. We exchanged introductions, as well as the cliché ‘kemm ghamlet shana illum! Donnu qatt m’hu se jhallina s-sajf!’, and began our discussion.

With a sparkle in her eye, Emma began saying how it’s been her childhood dream to have a luxury wedding, with a beautiful shimmering white dress, Jimmy Choo sparkling heels, and flowers everywhere. This was soon interrupted by her fiancé’s charismatic giggle, and an under-breath ‘typical’. I must admit, I giggled. Although I am currently not in a relationship myself, I found myself admiring the duo before me, as I felt myself relate to this Bride-to-be, as it seemed we had a lot in common, as well as found myself thinking that this is the kind of love I would want to find.

He cut my train of thought off by saying, ‘She’s been thinking about Victoria Swarovski’s wedding ever since it happened, with all the gems, the luxury, and riches,’ where he cut himself off by adding a Maltese comment, ‘hasra li ma nistax nifhem min fejn ha ngib il flus biex nikkuntenha! Gabitni qisni bank bla qies!’ Admittedly, all the women at table laughed, more so because we knew we could relate. Josette with reassurances softer than a cloud of cotton candy on days where a girl could crave sugar the most, added, “That’s why I’m here sweetie; to guide you into reaching common grounds for compromise,’ and cheekily stole a weighty glance at Emma, ‘without throwing your budget overboard!’

Josette took it upon herself to cut off the clamour by declaring, “Ma ninsewx lil Liam, ta!” when she added, “So, tell us about yourself.” Emma immediately cut him off short, before even giving him the chance to explain it all for himself; “From IT engineering, to the gym, to home watching football, and then, whatever extra time he has he spends it with his books!” And that is when Liam got defensive, “You aren’t that far! You go from the counting numbers and budgets for luxury travellers, to the gym, sometimes dance, or most probably shopping, unless you’re travelling; pity the way you budget for a living, yet fail to ever budget your own overspending on clothes! And when you are actually home, you’re working on that prized novel of yours.” As any woman in love would do, she used her strengths as his weaknesses, “My writing is the reason you fell in love with me,” and she silenced him by stealing a kiss, ‘right after I caught your eye wearing my Miu Miu cady dress! You thought I was the cutest girl in the world,’ to which he responded by blushing beetroot.


I must cut-off my recount of afternoon tea with the young couple here, for I fear my blog might become far too cheesy. For us as a Wedding Planner team, we must fully observe the couple’s mannerisms, characteristics, and jokes, in order for us to get to know them and understand them better, for us to provide the pair with options we think are best, as well as reassuring them of their decisions as well as fears, and tie loose ends or solving issues whenever necessary. A good planner is there to guide you through the planning process like a catalyst, and not to do the work for you. Hence they not only become your help, but your best friend throughout the journey.

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Often referred to as the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, it's easy to understand why Malta's popularity as a wedding destination continues to grow. Picturesque beaches, historical structures, lavish villas and hundreds of churches are all dotted around the island, meaning there's a venue for almost any wedding you can dream of! So, with that in mind, here are the top perks of why your wedding should take place on this gem of an island.


It's well-connected

It's a relatively short flight from a number of destinations, ranging between one and four hours maximum across a number of countries around Europe. Malta's popularity as a tourist destination means that there are plenty of hotels and other types of accommodation to choose from, and the high level of restaurants that populate the country means you and your guests will most certainly find yourselves as enamoured by the cuisine as much as the island's scenery.


It's a thrilling, sun-kissed destination

What is it that makes Malta popular though? Quite simply, there's an abundance of holiday activities that suit every type of traveller. Archaeological sites predating the pyramids of Egypt by thousands of years can be found mere minutes away from award-winning diving locations, while the capital city Valletta combines a rich medieval history with vibrant day and nightlife thanks to the variety of shops, cafes, pubs and bars that can be found across a city that was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Add in the fact that Malta enjoys around 3,000 hours of sunshine per year (one of the highest in Europe), you'll quickly understand that the island's climate makes it a prime winter destination as much as a summer one. In summary, there's no chance that you or your guests will find yourselves bored any time soon!


It's increasingly inclusive

Malta has topped the Rainbow Europe chart since 2016, which means that it's Europe's top country for policies, laws and practices that discriminate least against LGBT+ communities. Same-sex marriages were legalized in 2017, and with Malta hosting Pride 2023, it would make for the perfect wedding destination for same-sex couples getting married that year.


The range of venues

As mentioned earlier, the sheer variety of venues means that the soon-to-be-wedded couple will be spoilt for choice when picking their wedding spot. Whether the knot is tied in one of the 365 churches around the island, in a stunning villa in Gozo (Malta's smaller sister island), or on a private beach, there's certainly no shortage of options.

Want to know more? Check out our list of venues here, or get in touch with us today to start planning your Malta wedding, ensuring your special is as perfect as can be.




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With your wedding day well on its way, one of the things you need to make sure to slot in is a potential engagement shoot which will prepare you for your wedding day and the different photo-shoots that will happen throughout. Knowing just how stressful a wedding photo-shoot can be, especially for those who are not really accustomed to being in front of a camera, this blog post will give you some hints as to what you should do to feel more relaxed in front of the camera.


One thing you need to make sure of is that of getting to know your photographer before the shoot. The ideal scenario would be setting a meeting with them where you can plan out the details and style of the shoot according to your taste. It's always easier to pose for a photographer you know than one you never met before. Also using the same photographer for both your engagement and wedding day shoots will help greatly in this too. The engagement shoot should very much serve as a test run to see if the photographer is to your liking and also will serve as a basis for your photographer to know exactly how a couple would react in front of a camera in future situations closer to the wedding day.


When attending a photo-shoot make sure to wear something you will feel comfortable in. This will make your photos appear more natural and less forced, as well as contribute to a more relaxed day for saying "I do". Having a little drink (please not the word little) before the shoot can help tone down the nerves too!


If you know that you are quite an anxious person, make sure to schedule plenty of time for the shoot, especially on the wedding day. This will reduce the risk of running late on your special day. Ans maybe plan less formal photos, that will help you relax so much more!


Just remember: it's totally normal to feel scared in front of the camera, but it is very important to make sure that you relax as much as possible. You have no reason to feel scared or awkward, the photographer is there to make you shine, and trust us, they have all the right tools to do so.


By Nicole Borg