How will I find the perfect dress?

23 October 2016    ⁄    COMMENT(S)

Something many girls dream about is the day they come to start going around shops for their wedding dress. Being swamped with hundreds of styles and makes of dresses, a bride needs to make sure to weigh out all options as well as conditions that the timing and place of the wedding will put on the wedding dress choices.  If you are going to have a beach wedding, then ballgowns are a no go. Whilst if you are getting married in a church,  you might want to lay low on shorter or more revealing dresses.

In order to help you get started, here are a few pointers that you might want to read before your dream dress hunt starts.

The first thing you should do is set yourself a budget, which will also be the first thing you tell the salesperson before they start bringing out their most expensive dresses. In this way you will not fall head over heals for a  dress that you simply do not afford.

Moreover do not forget to set aside some money for accessories, under  garments, alterations, and shipping (if you’re buying from abroad).

Needless to say, don’t stay lingering till the last moment to get a dress. Whilst tailoring a dress takes months, finding the perfect dress from bridal wear shops might take just as long, if not longer. And to save yourself some valuable time, see which shops actually cater for your likings and which ones are approximately in your budget. Make some calls before visiting and make sure that if a shop requires a booking you make one as early as possible.

Do keep an open mind. Whilst some dresses might appear bland on a hanger, they could look dazzling the second you put it on. If you don’t trust the judgement of the sales person, make sure to take your bridesmaids, mother or mother-in-law with you. As long as it’s not the groom - keep that element of surprise there! Don’t worry, the second you’re wearing the right dress you’ll see it on everyone’s faces and the very possible tears of joy.

By Nicole Borg

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