Important things to consider before buying that dress!

27 December 2016    ⁄    COMMENT(S)


So you have scoured Malta and Gozo in hopes of finding the perfect dress and now you’re quite positive you’ve found the one. However, you might want to make sure to consider some other factors that might lead you to change your mind. Here are a few of them!


Having to wear the dress for quite a while, you need to realise that eventually you might need to use the loo. Will you be able to easily satisfy this simple call of nature with your choice?


1. Does it have any buttons? If so, make sure that when you sit down you can do so comfortably. We don’t need to be stressing ourselves about buttons popping out during that glorious wedding day - am I right?


2. Oh - you went for a strapless dress? Can you comfortable move around without fearing that your boobs might pop out of that dress at one point or another?


3. With the bridal car being a vital aspect to your wedding you need to make sure your dress is comfortable enough to let you get into the car without tearing it apart or getting stuck between the door and the seat.


4. Will you be able to find the appropriate underwear to complement your choice of dress? and for goodness sakes, make sure that it’s not visible at any point throughout the wedding.


Don’t be afraid to take your time to choose your dress and evaluating all of the above. There’s no rush, especially if you have started dress shopping early on in the planning process. At the end of the day, you should enjoy your wedding day as much as possible - it is the best day of your life after all!


By Nicole Borg.

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