Something old, Something new, Something borrowed or blue

12 December 2016    ⁄    COMMENT(S)


The tradition of acquiring ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ is a superficial element in the preparation of a wedding that many still follow today. The tradition goes that the finding and using of all such items before the wedding day will grant good luck for the bride on her wedding day as well as fertility in the long run. However, nowadays it has become more of a ritual people add to their attire for their special day. Yes, even in Malta!

So what can you get  in order to make sure you have all 4 requirements?

Something old could be a vintage accessory, maybe something from your grand parents or a family token that has been passed from generation to generation. Some brides actually take this a step further and rather than buying or hiring a wedding dress, they wear their mother’s dress, veil or tiara.

After the old, comes the new. Generally this item tends to be a gift from the groom or also a family present for the bride. Of course this could also fit in one’s wedding budget! No need to go for the most expensive pearl or diamond necklace, a simple hankie could do the trick.

Admittedly the something borrowed part is quite fun as this can be literally anything from a hair pin to earrings to shoes - the list is never ending.

Finally comes the something blue. No matter what colour scheme your wedding will include, blue is one colour that you can bring in without impacting the colour scheme negatively. Many add blue to the lining of their wedding dress, others just use blue ribbons around their bouquets.


By Nicole Borg

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