10 January 2017 / COMMENT(S)

Bridal Cars are essential for a wedding both for transportation and also they look beautiful in wedding photos. The couples have to choose their cars not only based on the aesthetics but also according to the season and how many bridesmaids are going to be traveling in it.

Many tend to opt for limousines or Hummer limousines as it would hold a lot of bridesmaids, especially if the couple decide to have a big wedding. A Rolls Royce will then be the classier option bot for couples opting for a luxury wedding as well as for the photos. If the wedding is held in winter, one might consider to have a covered car rather than a convertible. This would rest one head and not risk being caught in the rain. A convertible would be much ideal during the spring/summer period.

One advice for soon-to-be weds is that of collecting as many quotations as possible and visit the premises to view the cars before taking a decision. There are so many options and varieties to choose from and if they have a tight budgetyou don’t need to worry. There are  various places that offer very convenient packages that they would afford.

By Kristina Saliba

16 February 2017 / COMMENT(S)

The more we participate in wedding fairs, the more we realise how important and beneficial it is both for us as a company as well as for the bride and groom, to be present at such fairs. Here everyone’s able to meet with the people who might end up providing a service at their wedding while seeing some products and what they can add to your special day live, helping you make a more informed decision by the end of it. Moreover, you are bound to get some lovely offers and discounts which have been set specifically for the occasion.

 Moreover, wedding fairs constantly prove to be the ideal setting where all wedding service providers starting from photographers, videographers, wedding planners, and caterers just to mention a few, are given a platform through which they can show off their work. Brides and grooms have the luxury to compare different suppliers on the spot and test them out to see which ones will cater more for their specific needs. 

Wedding fairs are extremely helpful for all those freshly engaged couples who seem to have no idea where they should start with their planning. However, this is not only limited to those couples who are just starting out their wedding planning. You can visit a wedding fair at any stage in the planning process. You never know, you might come across something that could have slipped your mind or completely not thought about.

Before going to the fair, especially if newly engaged, make sure to have a check-list of things you’d like to look into and book and maybe highlight which exhibitors you’d definitely like to visit.

With a whole lot of freebies, food tasting and fantastic discounts you will most definitely leave the wedding fair with a bargain. See you lovely couples at the Say Yes Wedding Fair.

20 February 2017 / COMMENT(S)

Starting the weekend after Easter, the peak season for weddings is seen by many as the most ideal time period for their special day. The peak season reaches its high in May, June and the beginning of July. September is also a popular month, and October brings the peak season to a close. 

But exactly why are these months so popular? Apart from guaranteeing the couple a sunny wedding, it also brings to the table a multitude of wedding themes like an outdoor wedding with a night of fireworks, beach weddings, pool and garden weddings as well as boat weddings. Moreover, the spring/summer season provides the benefit of fresh fruit and vegetables for all the health conscious couples. Last but most definitely not least, the colours of the season derived from nature with flowers for spring and lemons for summer. Additionally it’s the perfect season for a bright colour wedding.

Being the most popular season for weddings, the couple needs to be on top of all bookings and they need to be finalised with ample time in advance. Booking at least two years in advance is necessary when the wedding is on a Saturday or eve of a Public Holiday. Having a contingency plan for your wedding venue is always an important thing to reduce stress in case the weather does not cooperate, especially if the venue chosen does not offer both an indoor and outdoor area.

The same reasoning applies for suppliers. Wedding vendors and service providers are all maxed out during peak season. The couple needs to book the suppliers well in advance, especially when they have specific requests of what they want.

Expectedly, peak season offers higher prices, and its exactly the season to avoid if you’re either running a wedding on a limited budget, or you want to go against the norm. 

By Nicole Borg

10 January 2017 / COMMENT(S)

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year where a couple in love should consider to get married in. However, they should keep in mind the positive and the negative aspects in the decision of getting wed during these three months.

When booking a venue, couples should keep in mind that in autumn venues do not cost as much as during the spring and summer seasons as it is off peak season. There would be many offers and discounts presented to the couples where they can save up some money and they could spend them for the honeymoon. On another note, the weather would be cooler than during the summer where both the couple and their guests would enjoy the fresh breeze in the evening or afternoon.

And speaking of the weather, unfortunately weather can get unpredictable during this season and the couple would never know how it will play out. So they have to be careful on the types of venues and cars that are going to be booked just in case of rain and wind.

By Kristina Saliba