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Heritage Malta is the proud custodian of some of the country’s most impressive palaces and historical sites which can be unique venues for the hosting of memorable functions and events. Built to be used as a courthouse, this palace was the seat of the Maltese inquisition. The building resembles a Roman Palazzo making it the perfect setting for a fairytale themed wedding.

One of the biggest advantages of organising a themed wedding is the opportunity for a couple to have an original and personalised wedding. Themed weddings have a topic or colour around which a wedding is planned and more importantly styled. The themes are various, with this year’s most famous themes being garden, vintage, crystals, tropical, fairytale, boho-chic and the modern & industrial vibes. 

When coming to plan a themed wedding, the planning is almost the same as that of a traditional wedding, but here you need to book and buy everything related to the set theme, whether the glasses to be used or the style of the cake and venue, etc. Of course if you want to be subtle about the theme, you do not need to book everything in relation to it but you can hint it by simply adding touches here and there. At the end of the day, a themed wedding is in reality a totally different experience for each couple. 

Some of the Pros: 

-    It’s a fun and creative experience 

It allows the couple to be creative, and gives them leeway to fully let their personalities shine.

-    A memorable experience for your guests

A themed wedding will offer your guests a unique experience that they will surely remember for many years to come. It also gives your guests the opportunity to feel involved. 

-    It may result to be less costly than a traditional wedding

 Some themes may involve a lot of D.I.Y. decorations and also the opportunity to wear clothes that you’ve previously bought.

Some of the Cons:

-    At times it may prove to be expensive 

If you are working on a tight budget, especially if the chosen theme requires the couple to buy a lot of extravagant decorations. This especially when the couple goes all out with the theme.

-    Some guests might not want to cooperate 

Especially when opting for a demanding theme such as requesting your guests to come wearing a costume, some might feel uncomfortable or decide not to attend the wedding due to the theme.

By Nicole Borg