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Adjacent to Eden Lodge, Cottage Gardens is the second hall within the Garden of Eden Halls. The island of Filfla provides a serene and romantic backdrop to an intimate outdoor wedding surrounded by nature. Cottage Gardens also enjoys spectacular sea views and views of the Wied Babu valley in Zurrieq.



If you want to add on to the romance of your wedding proposal you might want to think a bit outside the box or just add a little something to the surprise to make the occasion even more memorable. What’s more special than highlighting your partner’s likes?

1. When opting for a public proposal

You either choose your partner’s favourite place be it a park, a garden, a hotel, a monument or a restaurant. A place that has significance to both of you like for instance where you first met, or the place of your first kiss. If your significant other loves choral music or brass bands why not her a choir or brass band to serenade them. Or maybe you want to be a bit more adventurous and you send your soon to be fiancé on a treasure hunt.

2. Pop the question when on holiday

If you’re planning a romantic getaway for two you can make the most out of it and use this time abroad as the enchantment factor to your proposal. You can propose while on the plane or when visiting an iconic place in your chosen holiday destination. Another idea would be choosing to decorate your hotel room with candles and roses, as well as a bottle of champaign while your significant other is preparing to go out or away from the bedroom for a little wile.

3. Or maybe you want to do it from home

Starting from photo memories of your relationship, to using a trail of candles in an unlit apartment leading to the ring, home proposals are also very romantic. We’re pretty sure a five-star home cooked meal would also go down very well.

4. Why not surprise them at work?

We all know there are days when hours on end of work make you bored and tired. Popping the question as a surprise while your other half is working or about to go to work could be a fantastic boost to their day. This could be done by leaving some kind of message on their desk or maybe have your partner’s colleagues be in on the proposal.

By Nicole Borg















Following a whole lot of wedding planning, the honeymoon is your earned reward as a romantic getaway with your new husband or wife. However, the honeymoon does not come without a little planning of its own and it is highly important not to leave it for the very last minute to avoid disappointment. 


Approximately six months ahead make sure to set a budget for your honeymoon and soon following start discussing possible honeymoon destinations with your fiancé. This will lead you to start researching the possibilities and see which ones actually fit your budget. If youre going to opt for help from a travel agent, now is also the time to do so. Start looking at hotels or residences and make sure they have rooms available for the length of your trip. Book flights and check luggage allowances. Think about what transportation methods youre going to use and if youre opting to rent a car, do so now. Make sure to check if your destination requires any vaccinations. 


Around three months ahead make sure to get your passports or visas if they are expired or dont have one yet and sign up for travel insurance just in case you require making use of a hospital abroad. 


Two months ahead see if you should get your hands on a camera and make sure you have a luggage for your travels. Look at the tours youd like to go to and book them. Start looking at the attractions youd like to visit and get tickets for those. 


Following and around a month ahead of your honeymoon, start making a list of items you need to pack or buy for your holiday. Also double check that you have booked everything you are intending to visit during your trip. 


During the last few weeks make sure you have photocopies of passports, ID cards, insurance etc, just in case of an emergency. Also make sure that if you take any medications you have enough left to last you for the whole trip. Make sure to reconfirm flights and make arrangements for transport to and from the airport. Also see that your luggage is properly labelled! 


and voila, your trip is now planned and youre ready to go! 


By Nicole Borg