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During the past few years weddings have been slowly changing and adapting to newly formed ideals. One of the changes directly affected the tradition of giving souvenirs to your wedding guests.

Brides and grooms are now deciding more often to donate the money for souvenirs to charities around the Maltese Islands and in return give their guests a small token showing that the money was donated. This item is generally a bookmark showing the charity chosen for donation. This idea allows the couple to hand a small token of remembrance to their guests while giving the bulk sum to a worthy cause and also avoids the chances of souvenirs being thrown out as unwanted gifts or clatter.

The idea of personalisation has also become very prominent amongst young and soon to be wed couples. In fact, many decide to opt for DIY souvenir ideas like bookmarks, small bags of assorted candy, assorted teabags, small plants or some times seeds, many a times coming with either hand-illustrated tags or bags. This type of souvenir is generally very cost-effective and adds  a greater element of gratitude for the gift that your guests have given you on your special day. Moreover the remainder of the souvenir money could also then be donated to a worthy cause.

Here's a list of 6 local charities coming from different areas of society (there are a whole lot more and all of which are easily found online).

      - Inspire’s ‘I DO for Charity’ - Inspire attempts to help people with disability better integrate in society. This organisation supplies couple with bookmark as a token for their donation.

       - Hospice Malta - the organisation for palliative care for terminally ill people.

       - AAA - for all those who love animals.

       - Dar Merhba Bik - which serves as a refuge for people who have gone through domestic violence.

       - Puttinu Cares - which is a local cancer support group.

       - Dr Klown - aimed at cheering hospitalised children. They offer couples souvenir alternatives in the form of cards.


By Nicole Borg

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