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Meeting Emma & Liam


This was the beginning of a fantastic journey; when Emma answered yes to Liam’s nervous question, and expectancy hung sharp in the air. The answer was as obvious as their love, no less, and so their adventure begun.


I’d be lying if I’d have said that this preparatory journey would be easy.

The solution to their questions however lied within Josette, our Wedding Planner’s answers, thankfully. And so the couple set a date for their first meeting with their chosen one, Josette.

I sat down together with Josette waiting for the couple to arrive, so that as a team we could bond with the pair, as well as to sit and discuss their expectations of their wedding. I, as the author of this blog, am not involved with the planning of weddings, but shall be over the course of the next year and a half discussing with you as future brides, grooms, and bridal party members, the ins and outs of wedding planning down to the very last detail of preparation for all those involved. This blog shall thus provide you with first-hand experience of what wedding planning is like, the step-by-step processes one must go through in planning a wedding, as well as discussing emotions, coping strategies, as well as providing you with advice, help, and tips from bridal party members who have been our clients and friends, along the way. Getting married, is not an easy task, but I assure you that I am here to help.

And so we saw our enamoured young couple waltz into the coffee shop, sit down, and happily introduce themselves. We exchanged introductions, as well as the cliché ‘kemm ghamlet shana illum! Donnu qatt m’hu se jhallina s-sajf!’, and began our discussion.

With a sparkle in her eye, Emma began saying how it’s been her childhood dream to have a luxury wedding, with a beautiful shimmering white dress, Jimmy Choo sparkling heels, and flowers everywhere. This was soon interrupted by her fiancé’s charismatic giggle, and an under-breath ‘typical’. I must admit, I giggled. Although I am currently not in a relationship myself, I found myself admiring the duo before me, as I felt myself relate to this Bride-to-be, as it seemed we had a lot in common, as well as found myself thinking that this is the kind of love I would want to find.

He cut my train of thought off by saying, ‘She’s been thinking about Victoria Swarovski’s wedding ever since it happened, with all the gems, the luxury, and riches,’ where he cut himself off by adding a Maltese comment, ‘hasra li ma nistax nifhem min fejn ha ngib il flus biex nikkuntenha! Gabitni qisni bank bla qies!’ Admittedly, all the women at table laughed, more so because we knew we could relate. Josette with reassurances softer than a cloud of cotton candy on days where a girl could crave sugar the most, added, “That’s why I’m here sweetie; to guide you into reaching common grounds for compromise,’ and cheekily stole a weighty glance at Emma, ‘without throwing your budget overboard!’

Josette took it upon herself to cut off the clamour by declaring, “Ma ninsewx lil Liam, ta!” when she added, “So, tell us about yourself.” Emma immediately cut him off short, before even giving him the chance to explain it all for himself; “From IT engineering, to the gym, to home watching football, and then, whatever extra time he has he spends it with his books!” And that is when Liam got defensive, “You aren’t that far! You go from the counting numbers and budgets for luxury travellers, to the gym, sometimes dance, or most probably shopping, unless you’re travelling; pity the way you budget for a living, yet fail to ever budget your own overspending on clothes! And when you are actually home, you’re working on that prized novel of yours.” As any woman in love would do, she used her strengths as his weaknesses, “My writing is the reason you fell in love with me,” and she silenced him by stealing a kiss, ‘right after I caught your eye wearing my Miu Miu cady dress! You thought I was the cutest girl in the world,’ to which he responded by blushing beetroot.


I must cut-off my recount of afternoon tea with the young couple here, for I fear my blog might become far too cheesy. For us as a Wedding Planner team, we must fully observe the couple’s mannerisms, characteristics, and jokes, in order for us to get to know them and understand them better, for us to provide the pair with options we think are best, as well as reassuring them of their decisions as well as fears, and tie loose ends or solving issues whenever necessary. A good planner is there to guide you through the planning process like a catalyst, and not to do the work for you. Hence they not only become your help, but your best friend throughout the journey.



With your wedding day well on its way, one of the things you need to make sure to slot in is a potential engagement shoot which will prepare you for your wedding day and the different photo-shoots that will happen throughout. Knowing just how stressful a wedding photo-shoot can be, especially for those who are not really accustomed to being in front of a camera, this blog post will give you some hints as to what you should do to feel more relaxed in front of the camera.


One thing you need to make sure of is that of getting to know your photographer before the shoot. The ideal scenario would be setting a meeting with them where you can plan out the details and style of the shoot according to your taste. It's always easier to pose for a photographer you know than one you never met before. Also using the same photographer for both your engagement and wedding day shoots will help greatly in this too. The engagement shoot should very much serve as a test run to see if the photographer is to your liking and also will serve as a basis for your photographer to know exactly how a couple would react in front of a camera in future situations closer to the wedding day.


When attending a photo-shoot make sure to wear something you will feel comfortable in. This will make your photos appear more natural and less forced, as well as contribute to a more relaxed day for saying "I do". Having a little drink (please not the word little) before the shoot can help tone down the nerves too!


If you know that you are quite an anxious person, make sure to schedule plenty of time for the shoot, especially on the wedding day. This will reduce the risk of running late on your special day. Ans maybe plan less formal photos, that will help you relax so much more!


Just remember: it's totally normal to feel scared in front of the camera, but it is very important to make sure that you relax as much as possible. You have no reason to feel scared or awkward, the photographer is there to make you shine, and trust us, they have all the right tools to do so.


By Nicole Borg





If there’s one thing that is for sure it’s that Malta is a country which is able to host weddings coming from different cultures and traditions, including the stunning Indian weddings.

Indian weddings tend to last for an average of three days. The first night would see the priest performing the ganesh pooja. The ceremony takes place at home where only the couple, the bridal party and also close relatives are allowed to attend. The second day is started off with the mehndi ceremony where the bride and her female friends, family members and esteemed guests will get their hands and feet covered in henna patterns. On the same evening the sangeet takes place where guests are invited to the wedding and get introduced to the couple’s families and enjoy some food as well as dance their nights away. The third and last day sees the main ceremony taking space including a cocktail hour and a reception.

If you’re not Indian or at least accustomed to the Indian culture and you are invited to such a wedding you will see a whole new way of celebrating this special day. You’ll get to experience the baraat or the grooms procession. Here the groom comes in on a decorated white horse and the guests circle him dancing to the beat of the dhal, an Indian drum. Following this the ritual continues with the greeting of the groom by the bride and her family and the exchanges of flower garlands as a symbol of each other’s acceptance.

When it comes to the wedding ceremony itself, you will get to see a whole other different approach where the priest, bride, groom, as well as their parents stay beneath the mandap, a construction similar to a canopy. The ceremony starts by the kanya daan act where the parents of the bride give her away and so the couple holds hands and goes around a small fires as part of the ritual - mangal phera. The couple will take the seven steps, similar to what we know as vows where they say how they will support each other and live a happy married life. Closing off the ceremony, the groom would apply a spot of red powder on the bride’s forehead and tie a black beaded necklace around her neck - the symbol of a married woman.

So if you have the pleasure of being invited to an Indian wedding be open to experience a whole new dimension to the start of a married life. Also wear a lot of bright and bold coloured clothing - you will most definitely fit right in!



During the past few years weddings have been slowly changing and adapting to newly formed ideals. One of the changes directly affected the tradition of giving souvenirs to your wedding guests.

Brides and grooms are now deciding more often to donate the money for souvenirs to charities around the Maltese Islands and in return give their guests a small token showing that the money was donated. This item is generally a bookmark showing the charity chosen for donation. This idea allows the couple to hand a small token of remembrance to their guests while giving the bulk sum to a worthy cause and also avoids the chances of souvenirs being thrown out as unwanted gifts or clatter.

The idea of personalisation has also become very prominent amongst young and soon to be wed couples. In fact, many decide to opt for DIY souvenir ideas like bookmarks, small bags of assorted candy, assorted teabags, small plants or some times seeds, many a times coming with either hand-illustrated tags or bags. This type of souvenir is generally very cost-effective and adds  a greater element of gratitude for the gift that your guests have given you on your special day. Moreover the remainder of the souvenir money could also then be donated to a worthy cause.

Here's a list of 6 local charities coming from different areas of society (there are a whole lot more and all of which are easily found online).

      - Inspire’s ‘I DO for Charity’ - Inspire attempts to help people with disability better integrate in society. This organisation supplies couple with bookmark as a token for their donation.

       - Hospice Malta - the organisation for palliative care for terminally ill people.

       - AAA - for all those who love animals.

       - Dar Merhba Bik - which serves as a refuge for people who have gone through domestic violence.

       - Puttinu Cares - which is a local cancer support group.

       - Dr Klown - aimed at cheering hospitalised children. They offer couples souvenir alternatives in the form of cards.


By Nicole Borg


The more we participate in wedding fairs, the more we realise how important and beneficial it is both for us as a company as well as for the bride and groom, to be present at such fairs. Here everyone’s able to meet with the people who might end up providing a service at their wedding while seeing some products and what they can add to your special day live, helping you make a more informed decision by the end of it. Moreover, you are bound to get some lovely offers and discounts which have been set specifically for the occasion.

Moreover, wedding fairs constantly prove to be the ideal setting where all wedding service providers starting from photographers, videographers, wedding planners, and caterers just to mention a few, are given a platform through which they can show off their work. Brides and grooms have the luxury to compare different suppliers on the spot and test them out to see which ones will cater more for their specific needs.

Wedding fairs are extremely helpful for all those freshly engaged couples who seem to have no idea where they should start with their planning. However, this is not only limited to those couples who are just starting out their wedding planning. You can visit a wedding fair at any stage in the planning process. You never know, you might come across something that could have slipped your mind or completely not thought about.

Before going to the fair, especially if newly engaged, make sure to have a check-list of things you’d like to look into and book and maybe highlight which exhibitors you’d definitely like to visit.

With a whole lot of freebies, food tasting and fantastic discounts you will most definitely leave the wedding fair with a bargain. See you lovely couples at the Say Yes Wedding Fair.

The Upper Terrace is positioned overlooking the Seabank Resort enjoying the magnificent seaview on one side and

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It wouldn't be the first time a bride asks someone she trusts and loves to be her bridesmaid and something happens that causes the bride and her chosen bridesmaid to drift apart. This is why you need to make sure the people you're asking to be part of your bridal party are there to stay. But how could you know this for sure? What do you need to ask yourself?


First you need to make sure you know why you want these people in your bridal party. While some options are obvious, especially when involving your sister or sisters-in-law, others might seem forced. You might believe that because you've known someone for a long time, or because they chose you to be part of their bridal party, you owe it to them to include them in your own wedding preparations. At the end of the day, this is YOUR wedding day and so it is YOUR choice as to whom will get the chance to accompany you on your special day.


Moreover, when including your friends as part of the bridal party, you need to analyse their character and how able they are to handle stress and let go when an argument occurs. If you know someone is hot headed, has a tendency of bailing on you, or does not have the slightest of clues as to how to compromise, then you might want to opt out of choosing them to be part of your bridal party. On top of this, if you can tell someone won't be in your life for the long haul, then do you really want them to be in all the preparations, photos and videos of your special day? But then again, many times it is hard to predict the future.


Another thing you need to make sure of is this: do you think all the members of the bridal party can get along together? If you know two or more of the members don't agree on anything and just love to pick at each other, then it might be an option to opt out of having both of them in the group. Additionally, do take note on the groom's wishes and make sure the members of the bridal party get along with him well enough.


Finally, make sure that the people you choose will be willing to contribute to the planning and can help you out when you get stuck. If you know someone won't manage to be a helping hand, you might want to look elsewhere.


By Nicole Borg

The Gabezo Terrace is nestled in open countryside, surrounded lush greenery with stunning views of Mellieha heights and The Red Tower in the distance.

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When getting hitched there are many rules you are allowed to bend, break or completely oppose, however some are there to be strictly followed no matter what. Take a look at what we think are the top rules that should not be broken!


1.     The invitation stage

Do not invite people to your hens and bachelors parties if you are not planning on inviting them to your wedding. Make sure not to send invites via a text or facebook message, everyone likes to receive a nice and traditional wedding invitation. If you know it, make sure to add in the name of your guests’ plus one - they will feel more included with such a small gesture.


2. The Marriage license

In reality, to get married in Malta there are a number of legalities that require to be covered. Around three months prior to the wedding, the couple must have sorted all Church Wedding and Civil Banns. With a church wedding we strongly recommend that the couple gets guidance from the priest the second that the church and the priest are booked for the wedding. In case of a Civil Wedding, the wedding Banns need to be registered with the Public Registry, more guidance on this can be found by clicking here.


3. Ta Cana

If you opted to get married in a church, the Cana courses are a must and all couples need to sit through them.  For further guidance on the Cana course you can take a look at the Cana Movement website. If a member of the couple is of a foreign nationality and would like to get married in a church it is also advised to speak to the Emigrants Commission, further guidance can be found by clicking here.


4. Make time for Thank Yous 

Make sure to send out a thank you card/message to all guests giving you wedding gifts. 


5. Feed your vendors

All the people helping you in making your wedding day one to remember have invested a whole lot of time and energy in its preparation. Make sure that you coordinate with your caterers to supply vendors with some food to energise them for the remainder of the day.


By Nicole Borg

Starting the weekend after Easter, the peak season for weddings is seen by many as the most ideal time period for their special day. The peak season reaches its high in May, June and the beginning of July. September is also a popular month, and October brings the peak season to a close. 

But exactly why are these months so popular? Apart from guaranteeing the couple a sunny wedding, it also brings to the table a multitude of wedding themes like an outdoor wedding with a night of fireworks, beach weddings, pool and garden weddings as well as boat weddings. Moreover, the spring/summer season provides the benefit of fresh fruit and vegetables for all the health conscious couples. Last but most definitely not least, the colours of the season derived from nature with flowers for spring and lemons for summer. Additionally it’s the perfect season for a bright colour wedding.

Being the most popular season for weddings, the couple needs to be on top of all bookings and they need to be finalised with ample time in advance. Booking at least two years in advance is necessary when the wedding is on a Saturday or eve of a Public Holiday. Having a contingency plan for your wedding venue is always an important thing to reduce stress in case the weather does not cooperate, especially if the venue chosen does not offer both an indoor and outdoor area.

The same reasoning applies for suppliers. Wedding vendors and service providers are all maxed out during peak season. The couple needs to book the suppliers well in advance, especially when they have specific requests of what they want.

Expectedly, peak season offers higher prices, and its exactly the season to avoid if you’re either running a wedding on a limited budget, or you want to go against the norm. 

By Nicole Borg

The more we participate in wedding fairs, the more we realise how important and beneficial it is both for us as a company as well as for the bride and groom, to be present at such fairs. Here everyone’s able to meet with the people who might end up providing a service at their wedding while seeing some products and what they can add to your special day live, helping you make a more informed decision by the end of it. Moreover, you are bound to get some lovely offers and discounts which have been set specifically for the occasion.

 Moreover, wedding fairs constantly prove to be the ideal setting where all wedding service providers starting from photographers, videographers, wedding planners, and caterers just to mention a few, are given a platform through which they can show off their work. Brides and grooms have the luxury to compare different suppliers on the spot and test them out to see which ones will cater more for their specific needs. 

Wedding fairs are extremely helpful for all those freshly engaged couples who seem to have no idea where they should start with their planning. However, this is not only limited to those couples who are just starting out their wedding planning. You can visit a wedding fair at any stage in the planning process. You never know, you might come across something that could have slipped your mind or completely not thought about.

Before going to the fair, especially if newly engaged, make sure to have a check-list of things you’d like to look into and book and maybe highlight which exhibitors you’d definitely like to visit.

With a whole lot of freebies, food tasting and fantastic discounts you will most definitely leave the wedding fair with a bargain. See you lovely couples at the Say Yes Wedding Fair.

So you're getting married some time this year and you still haven't decided which theme is the best one for you? Don't worry, we're here to help. Here are our top 5 wedding themes for 2017!


1. The Garden Theme


This wedding theme is most ideal for the couple who's not so into flowers. With a world that is constantly striving to go green, a garden wedding will most definitely be one to look out for. Starting from your wedding venue decorated in evergreen leaves to the use of wooden chairs and beige bridesmaids dresses.


2. The Vintage Theme


If you're a classic couple who loves themselves a 1950s wedding then this theme is the one for you. With the mint and pastel pink taking on the main role. Imagine your wedding cake draped in sugar roses and your venue full of cream cushioned chairs. The bridesmaids all wearing mint dresses and carrying baby blue flowered bouquets. Simply beautiful!


3. The Crystals Theme


There's nothing wrong with making your special day as shiny as can be. Starting from the wedding gown, a touch of crystals will instantly make any bride feel like a princess. Keeping the colour scheme to mostly silver and white, crystals could be the most elegant touch to your special day! Who wouldn't want to serve that delicious pink champagne in a crystal glass?


4. The Tropical Theme


If you love colours and bright pink flowers, then a tropical wedding is something you might become obsessed with, especially if you're getting married in Malta. Starting from the refreshing and fruity drinks served at the bar, to the laid back wedding attire and delicious fruit cake, this flowery wedding will sure go down well with all your guests, leaving them (and yourselves) room to relax and celebrate.


5. The Classic Fairytale Theme


Nah, we can never forget about this one. Growing up watching Disney movies, this theme has basically become the epitome of all weddings. Starting from the frilly and big ball gown dresses, to the classic white cake and the horse-led carriage, this Cinderella story will leave the couple dancing in the enchanted castle way past midnight.


6. The Bohemian-Chic Theme


This theme is an exciting mix of the hippie, nomad and gypsy styles. A wedding full of flower wreaths, casual and flowing dresses, mix and match decorations, outdoor locations and a whole lot of nature. Especially for those who have a limited budget, this theme gives you leeway for an easy DIY style wedding. The wedding will be one that is a statement of the couple's personalities. This style allows you to adapt according to location as well, and in fact you can opt for a beach or vintage bohemian wedding. The list of bohemian styles is endless!


7. The Modern and Industrial Vibe Theme


In a world that's always becoming more and more into modernity the combination of metallics and white colour palettes are one of the biggest go-to's this year. Such a theme will go down very well with many of the up and coming venues like Giardini Lambrosa and the Salini Bay Hotel. Brides and grooms alike are embracing metallics such as copper, rose gold and pewter especially because they are a highly versatile group of colours.


By Nicole Borg

One thing people are really fond of is holding on to memories. Needless to say, your wedding day is most definitely one memory you'd want to cherish and keep forever. With the hundreds of options to choose from in Malta, the hunt for a wedding photographer begins.


While choosing a photographer because their work is aesthetically pleasing to you is important, this factor should not be the only one you consider, First you need to figure out logistics details like whether they're available on your wedding day, if they're familiar with the venue for your wedding and also if their package prices fit your budget.


If all of the above is in your favour, then the next and most ideal way forward is that of getting personal. One of the most uncomfortable situations you can get yourself in would be that of hiring a photographer you're not really compatible with just because someone suggested them to you. This is a clear recipe for stressing yourself out, and let's face it, planning a wedding is already stressful enough as it is. Firstly make sure that the person you're speaking to is the actual photographer that will be taking care of your wedding shoot. Also make sure to meet the back-up photographer in case an emergency happens and your chosen photographer has to miss your wedding.


Asking to see some of their work could be helpful for you to make up your mind both on the photographer as well as the style you'd like them to take for your wedding specifically. Don't hesitate to make suggestions of shots you'd like to be taken.


By Nicole Borg


Many people have this misconception that the groom does close to nothing in preparation for the wedding. In fact many sport the phrase: ‘Your one and only job is to show up on time’. However, let me tell you one thing. This is far from true.

Soon going into a life full of moments of compromise and finding middle ways, the wedding preparations can serve also as a test for both bride and groom to see how prone they are to compromising their needs to find something that is attractive for both.

While modern life has changed a lot the inclusion of the groom in the wedding preparations, traditionally, he had set tasks which he was expected to carry out by himself. Nowadays, while still quite rare, we hear of stories where the bride proposes to the groom. However, traditionally it was always the groom’s task to select the engagement ring and propose.

The groom is also responsible of choosing his wedding party, especially the best man, groomsmen and also ushers when needed. Moreover, he gets to choose his attire for the wedding, making sure to keep well within the wedding’s theme.

The groom is also responsible for part of the guest list, thus making sure all his loved ones are invited for his special day. Moreover, being present in planning the honeymoon is also a great asset. Previously the destination for the honeymoon was the sole decision of the groom, nowadays, it’s a case of team work.

What’s a wedding without some musical entertainment? Whether you love bands or you want a DJ to mix some beats for your wedding, the decision needs to be done together with the groom.

A tradition that keeps on persisting in weddings in Malta is that the groom needs to dance with his mother, as well as mother-in-law soon after the first dance with the bride. A sweet tradition that shows families united together, welcoming their new son into the family.


By Nicole Borg




So after showcasing to your bridal party the barricade of dresses you have tried on from every bridal shop in Malta, you are finally down to two dress. Whilst in the beginning you were terrified that you wouldn’t be able to find ‘the one’ dress which was made for you, you actually ended up finding two! Wow! So how do you choose which one to take? After giving your bridal party as well as mum (do yourself a favour and allow your mum to voice her opinion) it is now up to you to choose.

As much as you should value the opinion of your loved ones, don’t forget that at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to wear the dress. Whilst you still should give everyone’s opinion a listen, do not allow yourself to submit to peer pressure. Go to the bridal boutique(s) and try both dresses on by yourself, one last time. Following, give yourself the chance to make your own decision.

If it’s still proving to be difficult take a few photos of yourself in both dresses and put them next to each other. In which dress do you see the biggest smile on your face? Also try not to forget your style. Avoid choosing a dress because it looks good on someone else, but make sure it’s going to show everyone the lovely person you truly are.

Whilst it is your choice of a dream dress, don’t forget your significant other. Thinking about which one he’s love to see you wearing on your wedding day could help you make a choice more easily. If you believe that it will make his jaw drop or his eyes well up with happy tears, then that is the one. Besides, by now you know his preferences inside out!

Finally make sure to give some thought to the full image of your wedding. With your set theme, and decorations as well as choice of food, which style fits best? A ballgown would most certainly not be a great match for a beach wedding! Moreover imaging what accessories you always wanted, do they go with the dresses? Will it match with the bridal party’s dresses?

Best of luck - may you choose the dress of your dreams!


By Nicole Borg



The tradition of acquiring ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ is a superficial element in the preparation of a wedding that many still follow today. The tradition goes that the finding and using of all such items before the wedding day will grant good luck for the bride on her wedding day as well as fertility in the long run. However, nowadays it has become more of a ritual people add to their attire for their special day. Yes, even in Malta!

So what can you get  in order to make sure you have all 4 requirements?

Something old could be a vintage accessory, maybe something from your grand parents or a family token that has been passed from generation to generation. Some brides actually take this a step further and rather than buying or hiring a wedding dress, they wear their mother’s dress, veil or tiara.

After the old, comes the new. Generally this item tends to be a gift from the groom or also a family present for the bride. Of course this could also fit in one’s wedding budget! No need to go for the most expensive pearl or diamond necklace, a simple hankie could do the trick.

Admittedly the something borrowed part is quite fun as this can be literally anything from a hair pin to earrings to shoes - the list is never ending.

Finally comes the something blue. No matter what colour scheme your wedding will include, blue is one colour that you can bring in without impacting the colour scheme negatively. Many add blue to the lining of their wedding dress, others just use blue ribbons around their bouquets.


By Nicole Borg

Every wedding requires months on end of planning which might leave the bride and groom failing to enjoy their special day. In order to make sure the couple has a stress-free ride towards their happily every after, a wedding planner is an integral part to consider for your wedding preparations.

When hiring a professional company that provides wedding planning services, the couple can get some peace of mind that they’re not only getting a professional service but had any emergencies to arise, the planner has a company backing them up. The company has a database full of excellent hospitality companies covering catering and events as well as inbound and outbound travel. Any professional wedding planner will know how emotional such an event is for the couple and can ensure that the couple is kept emotionally grounded all throughout the planning process leading up to their wedding day.

First thing the couple needs to let their wedding planner know is their budget. This will allow the planner to fit in the best options that are within budget as well as according to the taste of the couple. After studying the tastes of the couple, the planner presents a proposal with a few options that the bride and groom can mix and match from. Following this, the planner goes on to seal the bookings whilst the couple goes on with their life as normal. By hiring a wedding planner and working with them in such an efficient manner, a wedding could be planned in as short a time as 3 months.

The planner has to learn all about the couple during the few months of work leading to the wedding. In this way, they become almost like family or very close friends all the while maintaining a professional approach during the planning process. Chemistry between the couple and the planner is crucial.

It is important to note that the planner is not there to make the decisions. While they cannot badmouth a supplier, they are simply there to provide options for the couple and then carry out the necessary logistics according to their preferences.


By Nicole Borg

Every wedding is different and every couple has varying ideals of what their special day should look like. Due to this, one leading factor would be assigning a dress code to your guests. In this way you are helping them to help you in making your dream a reality, as your guests will now dress according to the theme of your wedding.

Due to the fact that the current dress codes are based on ideals of previous eras, even in Malta, many are still opting out of providing this guidance. Couples seem to have become more relaxed in terms of what their guests wear and altering the dress code to your style is considered a-okay!

So what are the different types of dress codes and what do they mean?

Cocktail wedding

Such a dress code is mostly adequate for semi-formal weddings. Cocktail clothing for women has changed through time. Whilst previously it was strictly knee-length dresses, nowadays the style has become more lenient in length. Men on the other hand are required to wear a suit that’s either navy blue or charcoal grey, a white or light coloured shirt and a tie - some even like to add in a pocket square.

Smart casual wedding

This attire is perfect for any informal wedding. Guests here are asked to dress up smart but they do not need to worry about wearing the dressiest of clothing. Women can wear blazers, shirts, sundresses, trousers or skirts. All these options can be enhanced by adding on some accessories, as well as nicely patterned jackets. Men usually tend to go for trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. Optionally they might decide to add a jacket and tie, but in this case it’s absolutely not necessary. With regards to shoes, please do not wear runners. Instead opt for brogues or boat shoes.

Lounge suit wedding

Another option for a semi-formal wedding, especially if it’s a day wedding, is the lounge suit attire. This type of dress code is more directed towards males and it basically indicated that men should wear a classic suit that includes a waistcoat, smart shirt and tie. Women here are simply asked to wear a dress that is suitable for a day wedding.

Formal wedding

In this case, women are asked to wear a floor-length formal dress, typically many opt for a chiffon dress. Man are asked to wear a tuxedo.

Of course, at the end of the day, you are not required to offer a dress code. This is simply an option if you have a specific idea of what your wedding should look like. Ultimately, it will still be up to your guests to choose whether to stick to the dress code or not.

By Nicole Borg

So you’re now engaged and eagerly waiting to get hitched? The next big step in your life requires a lot of planning, so prepare to roll up your sleeves and put your compromising skills to test. You’ll find it handy for a successful married life. If you’d like to plan your wedding by yourselves, you might want to keep reading this one!

Around 1.5 to 2 years before the wedding, create your own wedding binder. This will become your wedding idea holder as you stick into it anything you see yourself including in your celebrations. At this stage, you also need to set yourself a budget. With this budget, you can decide what kind of party you’d like to organise and the most important people you’d like to be there. It would also be wise to set a date and book the venue, catering and the church, if making use of one. This especially if your wedding is in peak season! If you’re getting married in a church in Malta and you’re Maltese, make sure to apply for the Cana course during this period.

Around a year before the wedding make sure to prepare your family and friends who will be part of the bridal or groom's party. Make sure that your start looking for bridal wear, wedding attire, flower, cars, photographer and videographer as well as band, especially if you specifically want one professional over another or have a very strict budget to abide by.

6 months before the wedding make sure that you choose and buy your invitations, as well as start making honeymoon plans. Meet with the priest or officiant taking care of your wedding. Also make sure to get the bridesmaids’ dresses, and make plans for the groom to also find a suit. Book any extra chairs and lighting systems if needed, as well as a florist. Maybe also create a draft timetable for the day.

4 months before to select and order the cake. Provide your best man and maid of honour with your guest list so they know whom to invite to the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Make sure you start dress fittings in case of any alterations needed. Moreover, you need to schedule any hair and make-up artists from now, as well as choose the music for your wedding ceremony. If you're planning a destination wedding, then make sure to send out invitations to your guests so that they have time to book the flights. It may be wise to hire a wedding planner for a destination wedding, this will allow the couple more time to actually enjoy planning the little things, whilst the planner takes care of all the rest!

3 months prior finalise the menu and the flowers. Order any souvenirs or choose a charity to donate souvenir money to. Make sure to purchase any undergarments necessary. Finalise running order for the ceremony and the reception. Also by now you should purchase the rings!

2 months before the wedding, start by contacting all vendors again to make sure all’s well with your bookings. Meet up with the photographer and videographer for any pre-wedding shooting. It it's a civil wedding relevant paperwork needs to be ready by now. Same applies for the civil papers for a church wedding! Go through the playlist with the entertainers. Finally, enjoy your bachelor/bachelorette party!

1 month before the wedding make sure that all invitations have been sent, and no one important has been missed.  Also, organise your last fitting. Start sending out final payments and also double check times for hair, make-up and vendors. Make sure to assign seating positions if necessary, as well as write vows if its a civil wedding.

Finally - your wedding week is here! Make sure to iron out final details by reconfirming timings with vendors and delegate, delegate, delegate! Go pick your dress and suit up, and brides make sure to break in your wedding shoes. Also, pack for your honeymoon before, so that you won’t need to be worrying about that during your special day!

Despite all this, all those who want to avoid all stresses that wedding planning could bring and enjoy the journey as it goes may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners are able to put together a fabulous wedding in about 2 to 3 months!

By Nicole Borg

Growing up, many of us have been exposed to a whole lot of colourful and magical Disney movies which end with a joyous fairytale wedding. Many of us also wanted that fairytale to be transformed into a beautiful reality, and rest assured, that by having your wedding in Malta this dream of yours will most definitely come true.

Without a doubt, many royal weddings have set very high standards on what a fairytale wedding should consist of, however there are many ways in which one could have a royal wedding without a royal budget.

One of the key factors contributing to fairytale weddings is setting it in a castle, and trust me, Malta has plenty of these gems on the island. Many of which are able to host wedding ceremonies in their stunning courtyards and halls.

It wouldn’t be a fairytale wedding without the bride wearing a gorgeous ballgown! With the lovely heart-shaped strapless dresses, and the voluminous and many a times glittery dresses, you will surely look like a Disney princess in the making. Adding to the dress, a tiara would be the next go to item, holding a lovely laced veil to your beautifully up-styled hair.

Moreover, in order to feel as if you’re Cinderella moving towards her happy ending, instead of hiring a normal car, the soon to be newly weds could opt for a horse-driven carriage. Don’t worry, the carriages for hire in Malta will not turn into pumpkins when  the clock strikes midnight!

One final addition to your fairytale wedding would be the cake. A classic and white tier cake with lovely icing flowers encircling it and the bride and groom figures standing on top will surely add just the right amount of sweetness to your happy ending!

By Nicole Borg



The more time goes by and the more the summer heat gets underneath our skins, the more the Maltese population slowly slowly becomes attracted to winter weddings. Being blessed with a location on the map were snow is not an issue, one can rest assured that no road will be closed due to being blocked by snow (then there’s rain yes, but unless you’re planning to organise a wedding in the middle of the Msida roundabout, you’re good to go).
One thing that might prove to be a challenge is planning the wedding photoshoot. With a winter full of shorter days you know you need to take those photos as early as possible during the day, and maybe just maybe consider a morning wedding rather than an evening one.
Something to consider when choosing a venue for a winter wedding is the ideal type of setting. When getting hitched in winter, it is not going to be an easy task to find a place that has blooming flowers everywhere. You might want to consider indoor spaces, securing yourself that had a rainy day to occur you and your guests will be sheltered under a roof. Such venues could be one of Malta’s many palazzos, wedding halls and even barns that can provide heating for a cold winters’ day.
Although many might see planning a winter wedding as limiting, you or your wedding planner will be helped tremendously with the limited choices to choose from, reducing yourselves the burden of having long nights of extreme planning and indecisiveness when it comes to wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower choices and wedding themes.Additionally, a winter wedding will be a breath of fresh air for all those working on a tight budget since during this season, venues, caterers and a multitude of other suppliers offer great discounts, some even up to 50% off the final bill!
Whilst there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will be granted a sunny wedding day, one of the best things about a winter wedding is that it will not get lost amongst the hundreds of summer weddings that are going on. It is less likely that it will clash with another wedding and that your guests would be on holiday. Suppliers, make up artists, and venues would be an easier task to handle and you will find most of them available on your special day.
Whilst it might not be a white wedding in Malta, it can definitely live up to the expectations of the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams.
By Nicole Borg